Fitness wristbands for more fun at sport

Compare the top fitness bands in India and decide which one is right for you! Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself for sports on a regular basis? Is it hard for you to get up and do something? I discovered the new trend of fitness wristbands that will animate you easily to more exercise and sports and will bring you close to your dream body.

First I was skeptical about these trendy products but later I became more and more fascinated by them. Fitness wristbands can record you exercise, which will be analyzed by a mobile app later. They can evaluate your calorie consumption and they look definitely stylish.

With the help of virtual notifications and medals you will easily accomplish your fitness objectives, support your health because of more exercise. It will even smoothly wake you up (Jawbone Up). Since it analyzes your sleeping cycles. If you like share or compare your accomplishments with others, so your friends and fitness freaks can see your progress.

I want to share my research and knowledge about the fitness wristbands with you, since there are so many different products for sale. Each of them has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. If you need every now and then a little motivation for more exercise like your “fitness coach” at your wrist can help you to reach your fitness objectives.

You can find best fitness trackers here.

Here you will find out,

  • Which top fitness wristband are available at the moment.
  • About the features and advantages and disadvantages of the products.
  • Which products are recommended.

The features of every single fitness wristband differ a little but these main functions offer all of them:

  • Record of movements
  • Analyze with App
  • Measure your calorie consumption
  • Showerproof

I would like to give you some valuable tips that you buy the right product, reach your goals in sports and get your dream body. Enjoy!

Save time by comparing the most important features of the fitness wristbands with the help of the following table. While using the navigation you will reach a more detailed description of the particular wristband.

By the way with fitness wristbands you not only record your jogging activity but also your activity in other sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, ski, yoga etc.

Garmin Vivoactive The Intelligent Choice

Garmin Vivoactive The Intelligent Choice

If you’re looking for a truly “intelligent” smart watch designed with your active life in mind, the Garmin Vivoactive is a great pick for you. This watch is so much more than a traditional activity tracker that can log your activities and calories. It’s designed for the everyday athlete. You may not be a marathon winner, but you enjoy a brisk run through your neighborhood on a quiet morning.

You may not be Lance Armstrong, but you log miles on your bike, and you love it. If you’re looking for a seamless way to track your regular workouts and stay looking sharp, the Garmin Vivoactive is for you. This fitness wristband and smart watch is crafted with a thin, high-resolution screen that makes it easy to read even in the midday sun’s glare. No more pausing your workout to shadow your wrist and check your mileage!

This fitness bracelet is GPS-enabled and includes a number of sports apps including biking, golfing and swimming. Track your workout in real-time and get a near-perfect glance at your path, your mileage and other information right from your wrist. Like other smart watches on the market, you can also check your notifications from social feeds.

The fitness bracelet connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and gently vibrates on your wrist to alert you to texts, calls and even calendar events. Wear it from the gym to the office and stay abreast of all your meetings while keeping in touch with those close to you.

Garmin Vivoactive Technology

The Vivoactive is perfect for more serious users as well. With a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours in GPS mode, it’s great for marathoners, all-day gym buffs and triathlon competitors. Log your miles, your minutes and your calories without even thinking about it. The convenient sports apps can be accessed right from the home screen of the device, making it easy to tap the screen and begin a workout.

Set up unique alerts to let you know when you’re in your ideal heart rate range or when you’ve hit your stride at the pace you seek. The waterproof design is great for serious swimmers as well as those who love the tracker too much to take it off in the shower.

This fitness bracelet helps you build a training program that fits your needs. By syncing data from your workouts day by day, the Vivoactive can adjust your step goals day to day in order to encourage you to challenge yourself.

Get a gentle alert when you’ve been inactive for an hour, and take a brisk walk through the halls at the office or around the neighborhood at home to get your steps up. Think of this fitness wristband as your own personal trainer.

Along with accurate workout summaries and tracking, this smart watch has all the features you expect from the name. Receive notifications from your phone even if you don’t have your phone on you with handy alerts. Perfect for busy days at the office or in places where you may not keep your phone right in your pocket, it’s a great option for those constantly on the go.

It easily syncs to the available Garmin Connect Mobile app too, allowing you to get a beautiful overall picture of your workouts. Control your playlist and even locate your missing phone with this device as well.

Buy the Garmin Vivoactive now, it’s the ideal option for the everyday athlete who takes both work and play seriously. With all the features you need in an activity tracker and the luxury options of a powerful smart watch, it’s sure to be an everyday accessory.


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